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K2 (creamsoda re-release)

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It's a K2 digital pictorial released by Cream Soda. It's 90 photos.
It's a product that was previously sold by Cream Soda. If you've bought it there before, you don't need to buy it.
We reopened this pictorial for those who are disappointed that they couldn't buy it.
52 normal versions and 27 s versions.
And there are photos that have been photoshopped as bonus gifts. The synthetic version does not pay the price.

Please take good care of the new pictorial that's coming out soon.

크림소다에서 발매했었던 K2 디지털 화보입니다. 90장의 화보입니다.

기존에 크림소다에서 판매했던 제품입니다. 기존에 거기서 구매하셨던 분들은 구매하실 필요없습니다.

이 화보를 구매하지못해 아쉬워하는 사람들을 위해 다시 오픈한것입니다.

52장의 normal 버젼과 27장의 s 버젼입니다

그리고 보너스 선물로 합성을 진행한 사진들도 들어갑니다. 합성버젼은 금액을 지불하지않습니다

곧 나올 새로운 화보도 잘부탁드립니다

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K2 (creamsoda re-release)

0 ratings
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